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Nouveau html5 video player

1 NOV. 27

Après quelques temps d'analyse du nouveau standard pour le "HTML5 video element", il est possible de construire un multimedia player à l'aide de HTML5 video element sans usage de Flash. Cela est actuellent possible avec le HTML5 qui est un standard qui révolue considérablement le monde de web.

Cependant tous les web-browsers ne supportent pas totalement le HTML5, ou partiellement. Les browsers, dits plus avancés tels que, Firefox, Chrome, IE >= 9, konqueror, ... supportent complètement HTML5. Le html5 video est un HTMLElement qui puisse &... Read more»

Kazinduzi framework released.

2 JAN. 31


Kazinduzi PHP web application framework is released.
Kazinduzi is a PHP web framework based on the Model-View-Controller software architectural pattern.
Model-View-Controller is a software architecture,currently considered as an architectural pattern used in software engineering. MVC pattern is mostly implemented in GUI frameworks and web-based frameworks.  You can find many implementations of this MVC pattern on the internet, and in many programing languages.

The MVC pattern isolates "domain logic"... Read more»

HTML5 Browser Geolocating

3 NOV. 02

 Who has ever thought it is posible to get geographic location data through the web browse? HML5 has made a break down with its new Geolocation API discribed in its specification.

Of not browser support this API like IE8, hopefully IE9 will support it. However, you can check this geolocation in others browsers as they are others advanced one: Firefox, Chrome Safari, ...

The Geolocation object is used by scripts to programmatically determine the location information associated with the h... Read more»

Building HTML5 media (video, audio) controls with JavaScript

4 OCT. 19

Posted: by

With te earlier versions of HTML, it was impossible to embed and play media on a webpage along without invoking third part plugins that didn't belong to HTML itself.
Here I am talking about Flash, Silverlight, Quick times, and so on...
The great HTML5 has come with handful and nice features to enrich and innovate the web applications.
One of these is the inclusion of MediaElement. (using Audio and/or video files on a webpage as we used to with images).
You do not need Flash any more to play you media on your page unless the visitors of your page still use the old browse... Read more»

Image Processing with PHP

5 SEP. 04

Have you ever asked yourself how you can process images for your website or your images API like Flickr and so on?
I have been using third part software , namely Photoshop, Gimp, Inkscape,... to resize or other image processing capabilities from those software.
Since i ve found the way to manipulate directly my images in PHP with no need of Photoshop.
I am not saying that Photoshop, Gimp,... aren't good. No they are pretty good to work with.
But PHP with gd enabled is also good, you can perfom much with this feature.

I have written a class which helps me to p... Read more»

Watermarking images with PHP

6 JUL. 25

Posted: by

Watermarking images, or if you want, copyrighting images is pretty good trick to apply if you do not want your images to be download and misused. Downloading image from a website is easy as you know, a simple right-click on the mouse, than you get it, unless you disable right clicking on your page by calling the contextmenu of the DOM in javascript.
With jQuery :
$(this).bind("contextmenu", function(e){

However if someone know... Read more»


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