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 Who has ever thought it is posible to get geographic location data through the web browse? HML5 has made a break down with its new Geolocation API discribed in its specification.

Of not browser support this API like IE8, hopefully IE9 will support it. However, you can check this geolocation in others browsers as they are others advanced one: Firefox, Chrome Safari, ...

The Geolocation object is used by scripts to programmatically determine the location information associated with the hosting device. The location information is acquired by applying a user-agent specific algorithm, creating a Position object, and populating that object with appropriate data accordingly.

Objects implementing the Navigator interface (e.g. the window.navigator object) must also implement the NavigatorGeolocation interface [NAVIGATOR].
An instance of NavigatorGeolocation would be then obtained by using binding-specific casting methods on an instance of Navigator. This NavigatorGeolocation will provide a read-only object: Geolocation, it means you won't change its value. However it has three methods which are interessing for use to make the API work.

These are :

  1. getCurrentPosition: this method as it says, it is however a void method, it provide the postion's coordinates and so a callback function for this purpose
  2. watchPostion : this method returns a Id value for the started watch operation
  3. clearWatch: what does this method is clearing the watchPosition operation of the ID value the operation in execution

The best of the two last methods is you can build an itinerary navigator, itinerary parcours calculator, other apps. "wachPosition" returns periodically actual coords of the position of the navigator, in this case your phone, or other mobile devices connected to net.

Suppose you got your ephoney, or andoid phone, you may build an web application can that find shops, libraries, musea of the area where you are arriving.

Example javascript code:

  1. function init() {
  2. if (navigator.geolocation) {
  3. navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(exportPosition, errorPosition);
  4. } else {
  5. getLocationYQL();
  6. document.getElementById('georesults').innerHTML = '<p>Your browser does not support HTML5 geolocation API.</p>';
  7. }
  8. }
  9. window.onload = init;

Note :

However the geoloaction API of HTML isn't yet enough accurate compared to the other GPS systems we know till now. But good people at W3C are working on it, i hope soon will be real to use this API.

Want to check this, visit this link : HTML5 geolocating you!

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Nov. 12, 2010 at 11:33 AM

Html5 geolocation is not accurate?
How come?


Nov. 12, 2010 at 11:56 AM

The inaccuracy of the Geolocation Api of html5 may be it use the IP from your internet provider or ur pc has no GPS tools installed on it. Geolocation Api of html5 works fine with mobile internet, Android phones, iPhone and other Smart phones.
Howeever, i tested this api from my home, it gives an accuracy of 40 meters.
Html5 is still development.

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